Snapshot Report: Degree Attainment

By Betsy Prueter

According to a recent report from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, attainment of science and engineering (S&E) degrees has increased by 19 percent for traditional aged students (26 years old and younger) and by 25 percent for older students (over 26 years old).

Among the report’s other findings:

  • Degrees in S&E accounted for 32% of all bachelor’s degrees in 2013, an increase from 30% in 2009.
  • There has been a 19% growth in S&E bachelor’s degrees over the last five years, compared to a 9% degree growth in non-science and non-engineering disciplines.
  • In 2013, students over the age of 26 accounted for 26% of all bachelor’s degrees and 18% of all S&E bachelor’s degrees earned.
  • Over one-third of degrees earned by traditional age students were in S&E disciplines, compared to one-fifth of degrees earned by students over 26.