What We Know about Nonacademic Student Supports

By Betsy Prueter

A recent report from the Community College Research Center summarizes research on nonacademic student supports such as enhanced advising where students meet frequently with their advisors or professors, learning communities where students are enrolled by groups in a set of two or more linked courses, and student success courses (e.g., semester-long specialty classes focused on time management, study skills, test taking). The report breaks down into three sections: Part One: What We Know: About Nonacademic Student SupportsPart Two: Designing a System for Strategic Advising; and Part Three: Success Courses for Sustained Impact.

The research reviewed in the report addresses how student supports can improve student outcomes, how certain nonacademic student support programs are working, how nonacademic student support programs could be improved, and how such programs are working at the community college level.